ValGenesis VLMS Express

Simplified, cloud-based digital validation. Any company, any project.

The Fastest Path to Paperless Validation

Finally: enterprise-class digital validation for companies of any size – from startups to established mid-size players – or for any capital project. Delivered as a cloud-based application, VLMS Express deploys in less than a month and scales whenever you're ready.

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Perfected Execution

Lightweight deployment, heavyweight performance

  • Accelerate training and adoption with an easy-to-use interface
  • Capture objective evidence with a single click
  • Execute electronically with integrated electronic signatures compliant with CFR 21 Part 11 and Annex 11
  • Follow ALCOA+ principles with automatic timestamps applied at every step

Capture objective evidence like screenshots with immutable timestamps automatically applied.

Stress-Free Authoring

Establish appropriate rigor, control, and quality

  • Remove validation anxiety by establishing appropriate risk-based rigor and quality, not quantity
  • Apply structured standardization, ensuring the proper document is selected and the correct amount of validation is performed
  • Achieve efficiency and collaborate electronically with simultaneous real-time review
  • Automate workflows and routing with task notifications so everyone stays on schedule
  • Promote consistency by binding templates and documents to entities

Rapidly author protocols based on entity. The intuitive interface makes for easy document authoring.

Dynamic Trace Matrices

Eliminate the frustration and effort of manual trace matrix generation

  • Free your team from the tedium of manual tracing and endlessly updating Excel spreadsheets
  • Systematically create traceability matrices that link all requirements identified during authoring
  • View current execution status in real-time
  • Analyze the impacts of failures on upstream and downstream requirements within the protocol
  • Demonstrate to auditors your state of control and correct testing 

Dynamic traceability matrices are living documents that show relationships in trace and spread views.

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