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Privacy Policy

ValGenesis is committed to the privacy of individual rights and to securing customer data in the ValGenesis application. This Privacy Statement details how ValGenesis secures and uses information for business purposes only.

ValGenesis Implementation on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation by which the European Commission intends to strengthen and unify data protection for individuals within the European Union (EU). ValGenesis has incorporated the specific needs of data protection in their processes with related controls.

The GDPR needs in terms of data processing areas, security measures of data, data access by its customers, and ValGenesis’s agreement with its customers are scoped out and managed. The various measures and actions that will be initiated and reported to interested parties are also detailed in the procedure for breach management in the organization.

ValGenesis has employed both a Data Protection Officer and Chief Information Security Officer for securing the data privacy needs of our customers and that of the organization. The infrastructure associated with hosting the application and stored within it is protected and operates for high availability and reliability.

ValGenesis enables and supports its customers to integrate the ValGenesis application with their domain(s) to facilitate the processing of their data (including personal data). ValGenesis, Inc. is aware of the importance of customer data confidentiality and hence has designed the application in such a way that our customers are provided with application access that can be configured based on their business needs. ValGenesis customers use our application hosting and process, using their respective data controllers and processors to manage their respective business or personal data security.

However, if ValGenesis intends to collect personal data, we will make sure all GDPR requirements are processed and implemented. In the case that ValGenesis plans to further process personal data for a purpose other than that for which it was collected, we will provide notice, prior to that further processing, with information on that other purpose and with any relevant further information.

For any questions regarding data privacy, feel free to contact us via email at and we will be happy to provide more information on the processing of any data privacy aspects. You can also update your information using this email, in order to keep it current and/or to get the latest product information.

Information Collected for Business Needs

ValGenesis will collect the basic requirements of personal information those who visit our website for soliciting information regarding ValGenesis products. The users express consent by agreeing to and providing the required personal information, such as: Name, company name, email address, mailing address, contact number, and other basic inputs that enable ValGenesis to provide the right information to prospects in terms of the latest product information and updates, newsletters, whitepapers, marketing materials, and related information that may be beneficial to customers.

Other information that is collected while accessing our website could also occur in terms of cookies, Internet Protocol (IP) address, pages, and links clicked, as well as other related information that might aid ValGenesis in providing appropriate business information. Please note that ValGenesis is not responsible or liable for users who participate in blog comments and/or live chats on our domains/websites.

ValGenesis will delete any personal data, either on request or based on retention needs, as required by the organization. For more information, email

If you have any unresolved privacy or data use concerns, please contact:

Vijayakumar Babu

Customer Data

ValGenesis is a software product development organization catering to validation needs in the domain of life sciences. Customers of ValGenesis use our application for storing their data in the secured database provided to them for their use and benefit. For this, our customers must designate administrators who can integrate and manage their domain credentials and access controls as required by their business. The respective customer’s Data Processor will manage their customers’ sensitive data and control it securely in ValGenesis’s application instances. ValGenesis has encrypted its application data during processing, both in transit and at rest, as part of the application’s design.

Please note that ValGenesis does not have access to customer data, considering the sensitivity and confidentiality of said data. The designated customers’ administrators will configure and manage the application as required for their businesses.

ValGenesis supports customers in terms of data services, such as backups, maintenance, and data restoration, to ensure that customers instances remain healthy and to ensure continued suitability and continuity of their businesses in the case of unavoidable disasters.

Security and Infrastructure

ValGenesis has invested in a secure infrastructure for hosting the ValGenesis application. Several layers of security exist at the physical, network, and application levels. This protects customers against cybercrime, Botnets, DDOS attacks, etc. and safeguards data by integrating security controls in a hosted infrastructure.

Proactive security monitoring methods, including alert logic and threshold-based actions, are institutionalized in this secure system. This provides our customers with high availability to our hosted application. The high scalable of the application’s design enables ValGenesis customers to ramp up capacity when required in dynamically changing businesses.