ValGenesis University

ValGenesis University ignites success through learner-focused training and industry-recognized certification that prioritizes knowledge gains and hands-on practice. Courses are available for VLMS, iRisk, Process Insight, and more.

ValGenesis University empowers our customers and partners with the knowledge and expertise of ValGenesis products. Our training and certification programs equip every user with the skills to maximize the potential of their investments. 

Courses are available for ValGenesis VLMS 4.2 (including Design Manager), VLMS Express, e-Logbook, iRisk, and Process Insight. These self-paced courses simplify user onboarding during the initial product implementation as well as bolster continuous education at any point in the future.

ValGenesis University

Your Company is Unique. The Benefits are Universal.


Timely Learning

With an internet connection, learners can be anywhere and watch anytime, at their own pace, with simulated practices when they need it.


Speed of Implementation

Lessons can be watched repeatedly throughout the implementation. This can help speed up your implementation.


Increased Knowledge

Not only for your team but rest assured that ValGenesis project teams and partners are well trained using the University.


Clear Results

When using a blended approach with sessions spanning days or weeks, that gives the learners time to practice in your environment.

Experience Interactive eLearning Courses

Immerse yourself in our dynamic sessions, where learning comes to life with hands-on experience. Each course is meticulously crafted and delivered ensuring that you are well-prepared to leverage our products effectively. Each lesson is a comprehensive journey, featuring an engaging introduction, real-world examples, demonstrations, simulated practice sessions, knowledge-check questions, and a summary to solidify your newfound knowledge.

VG University - Stacked Slides

Become Certified

Validate your expertise and achieve recognition of that product expertise with our certifications!

VG Certs

From the Start of Implementation to Go Live

ValGenesis University courses support all phases of your product lifecycle, from early implementation and go-live to adding the next generation of users in the future. The flexibility and benefits for the learner and your company remain.


  • Hands-on, simulated practice
  • Bite-sized lessons of 7 minutes or less
  • Courses illustrate common practices
  • Less time learning than in classrooms
  • Available when needed, without travel


  • Practical, hands-on assessments
  • Reviewed by a trainer
  • Earn a badge and download a certificate
  • Stay updated with new releases
  • Perfect for LinkedIn profiles

Live / Virtual

  • On-site training or virtual sessions are available
  • Blend self-paced with live or virtual training to maximize results

ValGenesis University

Unlocking Knowledge and Empowering Success

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