ValGenesis e‑Logbook

ValGenesis e-Logbook eliminates the frustrations of paper-based logbooks.

With a fully digital, web-based platform, you can say goodbye to the days of illegible handwritten entries, sticky notes, lost logbooks, and cleanroom contamination concerns.

Isn't it time to abandon handwritten logbooks?

Capture, track and maintain all GMP logs instantly in real time and say goodbye to the hassles of printing, scanning, storing, and retrieving paper documents. 

Digitize your paper-based logs with a single cloud-based platform, using any mobile device.

No binders, no storage. All flexibility.


Any log type

Equipment, cleaning, calibration, maintenance, quality control, and more!


Any form style

Customize your forms to match your exact business needs


Any location

Can be synched for online or offline execution anywhere


Any device

Works with iOS, Android, and Windows devices

All Logs, all Digital, Completely Free From Paper

  • Eliminate handwritten log entries. 
  • Digitally capture, track, and maintain any type of GMP log across any device. 
  • Create and customize sophisticated digital forms to support any type of logbook for any stage. 
  • Work offline as needed, sync when back online. 

Clear, Precise Data Entry

  • Enforce legible, defendable data. 
  • No more handwritten notes or smudged entries. All data captured adheres to ALCOA+ standards. 

Secure, Accessible Logbook Records

  • No more printing, scanning, shipping, storing or searching through boxes of paper or binders. 
  • Your data and records are accessible instantly and securely, with only a few clicks. 
  • You are always ready for inspections and audits with clear, immutable, time-stamped records. 

Efficient business processes

  • Match your forms to your business needs. 
  • Configure enforceable workflows, schedule tasks and alert notifications, and see review and approval statuses in real-time. 
  • Set standard business rules that are enforceable and ensure GDP compliance sitewide and companywide. 

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