QRM Process Digitalization

Leave the spreadsheets behind and optimize all activities related to identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing risks.

Benefits this Solution Provides


Reap up to 60% Efficiency Gain

Streamline your risk management operations and boost efficiency.


Create Reports 5 to 10 Times Faster

All of your data is centralized and accessible.


Accelerate Risk Assessments by up to 50%

Systematize the entire process from CQA and CPP mapping to workflow and tool selection.


Make Your Documentation System up to 3 Times Faster

Save time with a centralized, unified knowledge management repository for all workflows.


Improve Assessment Performance


  • Implement a single source of truth for your risk assessment processes to ensure data integrity. 
  • Eliminate the need to have all stakeholders connected simultaneously with asynchronous decision-making. 
  • Save time and resources by minimizing the number of energy- and resource-draining meetings. 

Make Quality Risk Management Scalable


  • Centralize all your risk activities so that the growth and spread among different products and lifecycle stages do not become a liability. 
  • Add competitivity to your risk processes, making them a driver of business excellence and cost reduction. 
  • Communicate better, minimize inefficiencies, and generate better and faster risk assessments.  


Achieve Easier Risk  Management


  • Perform risk analysis, evaluation, and control within the same workflow. 
  • Build your workflows with over 50 tools to cover all your risk processes. 
  • Integrate risk management seamlessly within your existing systems while providing for the collaboration of all users, wherever they are.

What Can You Expect From Implementing Our Solution?

Before After
A high number of risk assessment meetings are necessary. The number of risk assessment meetings are reduced to the absolute minimum.
Risk assessment teams work with outdated versions of documents. All documents are automatically updated and distributed.
Analysis is limited by workforce availability. Analysis is available around-the-clock.
Managers must go to different sources to retrieve information, then correct inconsistencies. A single source of truth means the entire organization can access all risk data in one central location.

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