Process Simulation with Digital Twin Technology

Bring your product to market faster with the real-time process simulation offered by a digital twin.

Benefits this Solution Provides


Accelerate Time to Market

Simulate changes to optimize your operations and eliminate delays.


Increase Process and Product Knowledge

Combine previous knowledge with deep insights provided by simulation.


Drastically Reduce the Need for Experimentation

Avoid testing different variables by predicting how changes will affect your processes.


Scale-up Faster with Fewer Resources

Reproduce the manufacturing environment and processes before starting production.


Future-Proof Product Development


  • Discover new opportunities by studying several simulations, backed up with real-time data, in a virtual environment.  
  • Simulate, monitor, anticipate failures, and optimize product and process quality.  
  • Reduce the number and cost of time-consuming physical experiments with in-silico testing.

High-Quality Data =
High-Quality Product


  • Perform accurate, real-time digital twin simulations that can be adjusted throughout the product lifecycle.  
  • Generate deep product and process insights that assist and accelerate your decision-making. 
  • Avoid data loss and preserve its integrity with real-time process and product data extraction. 


Transition From Lab to Manufacturing Seamlessly


  • Create a digital twin of operating plants, processes, and/or unit operations to accelerate development timelines. 
  • Use a digital twin to study normal operating ranges and stress the system to extreme conditions during process characterization studies.  
  • Start production with confidence and get straight to the point on the critical conditions to test. 

What Can You Expect From Implementing Our Solution?

Before After
Longer drug development timelines due to potential failures.  Shorter drug development timelines and time-to-market.
Make decisions based on existing process and product knowledge. Acquire real-time knowledge to support decision-making.
Higher costs and more resources needed for drug development. Lower costs and fewer resources needed for drug development.
Time-consuming physical experiments. Less time spent in lengthy experiments.

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