PAT Implementation

Reduce your operational time and costs while improving product quality and consistency.

Benefits this Solution Provides


Optimize Process Performance

Use automatic tools to monitor and control CQAs and CPPs.


Simplify the Measurement of Quality Attributes

Easily measure quality by developing multiparameter sensors.


Enable Real-Time Release Testing

Shorten the time needed for quality testing.


Reduce time, cost, and workload

Streamline your production process and regulatory submissions.


Overcome the Limitations of Offline Measurement Methods


  • Enable total process automation with real-time monitoring and advanced control tools.  
  • Ensure data integrity by reducing human intervention in the measurements and decision-making workflow. 
  • Use multiparametric sensors instead of the standard single variable probes. 

Reduce Costs and Boost Efficiency


  • Improve the effectiveness of the quality plan through better process understanding. 
  • Experience more efficient, accurate process control. 
  • Reduce inventory costs.  


Reduce Process Variability Within and Between Batches


  • Incorporate the concepts of risk management and quality system approaches into the manufacturing process. 
  • Minimize external impacts in product and process specifications beyond formulation and process factors. 

What Can You Expect From Implementing Our Solution?

Before After
Long periods needed for sampling and receiving results from analysis. Real-time measurement.
Intrinsic variability due to sample collection, transportation, and handling. No variability — samples are fresh and correlate to the current process conditions.
Analysis limited by workforce availability. Analysis available around-the-clock.
Data integrity issues related to manual collection and storage of analysis. Complete digital traceability of the analysis results.

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