The end-to-end digital validation platform.

Connect design, qualification and production with the unified digital platform for life sciences. Drive new levels of digital transformation, manufacturing intelligence, total compliance, and corporate efficiency.


Enforce standardization. Ensure data integrity. Lower the cost of quality. Strengthen your compliance stance.

Setting the electronic validation standard for 20 years, ValGenesis Validation Lifecycle Management System (VLMS) provides unparalleled power, capability, and flexibility to enable 100% paperless, risk-based validation in CSV and CSA, CQV, equipment, and more.

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ValGenesis iRisk

Optimize your processes. Clarify your decision-making. See risk in a whole new light.

Built on industry best practices and designed by SMEs with real-world expertise, ValGenesis iRisk unifies all risk-related activities, allowing you to identify, quantify, and prioritize risks across the product lifecycle in one digital platform.

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Process Manager

Digitize the cleaning lifecycle. Harmonize your global approach. Ensure product safety.

ValGenesis Process Manager digitizes and automates the end-to-end cleaning validation lifecycle, from key design to qualification to continued monitoring. Scientifically validate and electronically document your cleaning process to consistently and reliably remove residues below acceptance criteria across the product lifecycle.

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Digitize any logbook. Execute offline. Achieve next-level data integrity.

ValGenesis e-Logbook eliminates traditional, error-prone, paper-based logbooks for any GMP log type. Say goodbye to illegible handwritten entries, sticky notes, lost logbooks, and cleanroom contamination concerns. Welcome fully compliant, next-generation efficiency.

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Process Insight

Map your processes. Implement continued process verification. Keep sight of what matters.  

ValGenesis Process Insight aggregates your process or product history to effectively manage your product portfolio lifecycle. Perform process mapping, digital continued process verification, and process lifecycle management of your entire product portfolio — all in one platform.

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Leading Thought Leadership in Life Sciences

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Daniel Pais

Senior Consultant

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Sandeep Lakshmanan

Project Manager

Wednesday, August 14

CQV: From a Painful Manual Approach to a Smooth Digital Process

Sandeep Lakshmanan Project Manager

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