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Avoiding the Pitfalls of PQRs with Digital Solutions

Jul 18, 2024 1:10:46 PM | Learn to enhance Product Quality Reviews (PQRs) with digital solutions that drive quality improvement and regulatory compliance in pharma manufacturing.

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Person holding head in frustration surrounded by numerous binders labeled 'PQR,' representing challenges in managing PQR documents

Avoiding the Pitfalls of PQRs with Digital Solutions

Learn to enhance Product Quality Reviews (PQRs) with digital solutions that drive quality improvement and regulatory compliance in pharma manufacturing.

Illustration of a scientist in a lab coat holding a tablet. Background images include scientific icons like a DNA strand, molecular structures, a microscope, test tubes, and beakers. The color scheme is predominantly blue and white, giving a modern, technological feel. ValGenesis logo is visible in the top left corner.

NEXA | EAM Streamlines Equipment Qualification with ValGenesis VLMS

This case study highlights the transformative impact of VLMS technology to modernize equipment qualification processes and drive operational excellence at NEXA.

Tablet displaying risk levels (Low, Medium, High, Critical) with a magnifying glass and check mark, against a dashboard background.

Should You Use QRM Software for ICH Q9 (R1) Compliance? Yes!

Learn why using quality risk management (QRM) software is crucial for ICH Q9 R1 compliance in the pharmaceutical industry.

ValConnect 2024 event badge and lanyard

ValConnect 2024: A Global Gathering in Lisbon

Discover the highlights from ValConnect 2024, showcasing cutting-edge technologies, customer success stories, and the unveiling of ValGenesis VLMS 5.0.

Man in front of computer, question marks above his head. Concept of uncertainty around implementing computer software assurance, a new approach to software validation in life sciences.

What's Stopping You? Overcoming CSA Adoption Concerns

Explore the benefits of computer software assurance for software validation in life sciences. Learn how digital tools address common fears of CSA adoption.

Harnessing the Power of Machine Learning for R&D in Drug Discovery

Machine learning (ML) is transforming early-phase drug screening, enhancing efficiency and predictive accuracy. Learn how to apply it to your R&D process.

Blue rocket labeled ValGenesis VLMS 5.0 surrounding by icons for AI innovation, regulatory alignment, CSA-ready, enhanced analytics, critical thinking, and risk-based approach. Blue background with V logo.

ValGenesis VLMS 5.0: Next-Gen Validation Lifecycle Management

ValGenesis 5.0 delivers a next-generation user experience through redesigned workflows, speed enhancements, a modern UI, and AI-powered productivity.

Diagram depicting the steps in implementing a QBD approach

Using ValGenesis iRisk for Better CMC Process Development

Explore how ValGenesis iRisk enhances pharma process development through QbD principles, promoting regulatory compliance, efficiency, and patient safety.

Yellow sign on blue background with text saying improved operational efficiency

Maximize Operational Efficiency with ValGenesis e‑Logbook

Revolutionize pharma operations with ValGenesis e-Logbook. Streamline data entry, enhance compliance, and drive efficiency in manufacturing processes.

Illustration of a faceless person pointing at interconnected gears, with icons representing uniting risk assessment with CPV in the pharma industry

How Integrating Risk Assessment and CPV Increases Patient Safety

Learn how integrating risk assessment and CPV with cutting-edge technology can dramatically improve patient safety and future-proof quality standards.

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Finding the Root Cause in mAB Production: a ValGenesis Story

Root-Cause Analysis

Finding the Root Cause in mAB Production: a ValGenesis Story

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Sofia Santos

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Sofia Santos

How to Accelerate Process Scale-Up With Effective Tech Transfer

Process Digitalization

How to Accelerate Process Scale-Up With Effective Tech Transfer

There's a need to accelerate pharma product development and process scale-up. Having an effective tech transfer strategy can help you.

Sofia Santos

Written by
Sofia Santos

Risk and Data as Knowledge Enablers: A Lifecycle Approach

Quality Risk Management

Risk and Data as Knowledge Enablers: a Lifecycle Approach - ValGenesis

Read the industry insight on the topic of Quality Risk Management

Sandra Silva

Presented by
Sandra Silva

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CSV and the Shift to CSA

CSA flips the paradigm of traditional CSV to "right-size" validation processes. Learn more about the benefits and principles of the CSA approach, which encourages critical thinking and automation.


How Do the FDA's CSA Guidance and GAMP 5 Align?

6 Ts to Drive Computer Software Assurance Adoption

Cleaning Validation

Learn how digitization offers a consistent way to carry out cleaning validation lifecycle activities, ensuring your methods and procedures are risk-based and rooted in scientific evidence.


Five Cleaning Validation Challenges Digitalization Solves

Game-Changing Tech Paves Way for Better Cleaning Validation Outcomes

Pharma 4.0

Waves of new technology and thinking — IoT, AR, cloud, Agile — are transforming the very foundation of validation processes. Learn how to leverage them in a Pharma 4.0 world.


The Pharma 4.0 Vision for Manufacturing Intelligence

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