Technology Transfer Support

Perform an effective tech transfer and guarantee operational excellence.

Benefits this Solution Provides


Comprehensive Documentation

Receive all the information related to product, process, materials, and analytical methods in transfer.


Product Quality, Safety, and Efficacy

Maintain the quality standards of your product and process while moving to a different site.


Optimal Collaboration with External Partners

Receive support defining an SOP with the CMO/CDMO.


Lower Risk of Process Failure

Reduce the risk of miscommunication and data loss with a well-defined tech transfer strategy and process.


Ensure In-Depth Documentation


  • Receive a detailed characterization of the process with all its important parameters, analytical procedures, and critical quality attributes.  
  • Obtain a tech transfer SOP with goals, scope, roles and responsibilities, tools, and communication procedures to support your work with a CMO/CDMO.

Maintain Product Quality Through all the Changes


  • Address the differences in equipment, raw material, and/or supply chain and analyze what needs to be adjusted in your process.  
  • Comply with regulatory requirements at the new site and ensure your process will be managed appropriately.  
  • Guarantee the original quality of your product through adjustments to its process whenever necessary. 


Successful Tech Transfer from Site to Site


  • Obtain a robust project plan for tech transfer, and rest assured that it is being followed to avoid complications in your business.  
  • Improve communication and collaboration between multiple teams and sites, preventing silos.  

What Can You Expect From Implementing Our Solution?

Before After
Complex tech transfer process with high risks. Robust and well-structured tech transfer strategy with reduced risks.
Incomplete or insufficient documentation prohibits a seamless tech transfer. Comprehensive technical documentation that ensures a streamlined tech transfer.
Reactive approach to changes when moving to a different site. Assess new materials, equipment, and regulatory landscape before initiating the process.

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