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Paperless Validation for Blood and Tissue Organizations

ValGenesis seamlessly manages all blood establishment computer software (BECS) requirements in a single system, enhancing compliance while enforcing consistency.

The ValGenesis Validated Lifecycle Management System (VLMS) enables your blood and tissue handling organization to improve compliance, enforce consistency, reduce validation cycle time, and cut costs for all validation activities.

Blood and tissue products are highly regulated and are expected to have validated processes and procedures that ensure the safety and effectiveness of such products. With ValGenesis, you can efficiently manage the validation process while enforcing good documentation practices (GDP), managing validation procedures, and compliance guidelines from regulatory agencies/industry associations such as the FDA and AABB (American Association of Blood Banks).

With ValGenesis, validation deliverables (from all types of processes and changes) reside in a single, easy-to-configure, web-based system that integrates and consolidates data and information from quality assurance, donor collections, hospital services, laboratory services, and other departments.

  • Remove paper from your validation process
  • Consolidate information from distributed teams and processes
  • Enforce all regulatory compliance standards
ValGenesis is perfect for blood and tissue.
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Top 10 Fastest Benefits of Paperless Validation

Event Presentation

How to Track Everything and Reveal Nothing: Promising Technologies to Accomplish the Impossible


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