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Exclusive Webinar

How to Manage Logbooks Electronically

Discover how to transform paper-based equipment logs into digital logbooks that reduce manual steps, force standardization and function even in offline mode.

Presented by:

Sophia Vraka

Senior Solutions Engineer.

Complete benefits for the entire logbook lifecycle

Clear, precise data entry

  • Enforce legible, defendable data.
    No more illegible hand-written notes or over-written entries. Data follows ALCOA standards.
  • Ensure Part 11 compliance.
    Forms provide time-stamped audit trails, reporting and electronic signature capabilities.
  • Establish more sanitary processes.
    Avoid contamination in cleanrooms with easily sanitized tablets.

Secure, accessible logbook records

  • Finally eliminate the hassle of paper records.
    No paper, no printing, no storage, no shipping, no searching through boxes and binders.
  • Recall records instantly.
    Your data is accessible with just a few clicks, instantly and securely — even remotely.
  • Stay ready for inspections and audits.
    Clear, protected, time-stamped records can be collated instantly for review.

Better processes that run 24/7

  • Customize forms to match your business.
    Use the WYSIWYG form editor to dictate the precise data requirements of your logbooks.
  • Access real-time reports.
    Configure workflows, schedule task assignments and email alerts, and see review and approval statuses in real-time.
  • Establish standardization.
    Set business rules that ensure GDP compliance sitewide and companywide.

The most feature-complete electronic logbook for life sciences

electronic logbook as a SaaS cloud application

Built as a cloud-native app for maximum uptime and security.

electronic logbook purpose-built for life sciences

Designed for the demanding compliance requirements of life sciences.

remove paper logbooks and use digital devices

Removes all paper from logbook processes, even in offline environments.

run your electronic logbooks in native apps that work offline

Native apps for iOS, Android and Windows enable maximum IT flexibility.

use forms designer to customize logbook forms

Form design tools customize and adapt forms to precisely match your data requirements.

establish workflow configuration for review and approval of electronic logs

Workflow configuration establishes instant, automated review and approval routing.

create and capture QR codes to link logbook forms to equipment

QR code creation and scanning ensures instant access to the correct form.

force standardization with ease of use

Comprehensive forms management helps standardization and consistency in every log.

Ready to digitize your logbooks?

Let's discuss the possibilities!

ValGenesis e-Logbook is a next-generation digital logbook application purpose-built for the stringent demands related to managing GMP logbooks for cleaning, usage, calibration, maintenance and others for the regulated life sciences industry.

Backed by ValGenesis, the creator of the ValGenesis Validation Lifecycle Management System (VLMS), you get best-in-class industry expertise in product functionality and deployment.

Contact us to start a conversation. Let's discuss your company or site requirements and how you can finally realize the full financial and sanity potential of digitizing your logbooks.

Peerless Experience in Digital Validation for Life Sciences

30 of the top 50 global life sciences companies
300+ regulated manufacturing sites
100,000+ GMP systems validated with ValGenesis VLMS
30,000+ ValGenesis VLMS users
17 years of experience

ValGenesis e-Logbook: Frequently Asked Questions

Which devices are supported by ValGenesis e-Logbook?

ValGenesis e-Logbook is a browser-based cloud application that supports Windows, Mac, and other platforms. The offline app is available for iOS, Android and Windows tablet devices.

Is the forms designer flexible?

Yes. First, it supports the field types necessary to enforce data standardization: radio buttons, checkboxes, textual input, date selectors, dropdowns, picture uploads and more. Forms are fully customizable in a WYSIWYG editor so they can mimic converted paper forms or support precise ordering of capture. Finally, you can reuse and customize forms versus creating from scratch.

How does the offline functionality work?

A form intended for execution is stored locally on a mobile device then executed offline where no internet connection is available. Once a secured internet connection is guaranteed, the ValGenesis e-Logbook application will automatically upload all captured data. This is an essential feature for cleanrooms and other tightly controlled environments.

What are some examples of business rules that can be applied to an electronic logbook?

Not only can you explicitly define when and where a verification must occur, but the system can trigger log form execution automatically in a recurring pattern of months, weeks , or whatever is required. Furthermore, you can calculate results values and let the system decide if it's a pass or fail. Rules can enforce prerequisites to activities, set intervals, set task dependencies, support shift handover, and much more.

Can the system handle logbooks that are not equipment-related?

Yes. The system can handle logbooks for rooms, buildings, entries, alarms and more. You define the entity. ValGenesis e-Logbook is a holistic logbook solution for the entire site.

Can you extract the results of an analysis?

Yes. Results can be collated into a customizable logbook PDF or exported as an Excel file.

Is it possible to integrate with other systems?

Yes. ValGenesis e-Logbook can integrate with applications such as MES, QMS, ERP and more to collect related log records. SAP, ServiceNow and LabWare are commonly requested. It can also integrate with the full ValGenesis VLMS.