ValGenesis and Trinity Bridge Announce Strategic Partnership

Santa Clara, January 30, 2024, ValGenesis, Inc.

ValGenesis Inc., the market leader in enterprise validation lifecycle management systems (VLMS), and Trinity Bridge Professional Services LLC, a life sciences consulting firm in New England, have partnered to extend a suite of digital validation solutions from ValGenesis to help companies in the U.S. respond rapidly to increasingly dynamic environments.

Trinity Bridge Professional Services LLC offers a range of assessment and consulting services in the areas of clinical lifecycle management, digital enablement, quality, regulatory, mergers and acquisitions, manufacturing and supply chain, and risk and compliance.

ValGenesis’ end-to-end digital validation platform, which includes its flagship VLMS offering, helps the world’s leading life sciences companies enable stronger compliance and enforce standardization with 100% digital, risk-based validation software.

Trinity Bridge will provide comprehensive ‘concept to market’ consulting services for customers, helping them derive the maximum impact from ValGenesis’ industry-leading digital transformation products, including ValGenesis VLMS and VLMS Express, iRisk, e-Logbook, Process Insight, and Process Manager. In a rapidly evolving life sciences landscape, these solutions guarantee regulatory compliance and product safety through scientific validation.

“It is essential to offer a comprehensive concept-to-market approach that helps companies stay ahead of the curve in life sciences today,” says Bo Olsen, ValGenesis’ SVP of Partners. “In this partnership, deep process understanding and consulting expertise from Trinity Bridge converge with the best-of-breed digital validation tools from ValGenesis to help customers unlock the full potential of their life sciences innovations. Together, we are set to empower the future of manufacturing excellence in life sciences.”

“Navigating the rapidly evolving landscape of life sciences demands a fusion of comprehensive strategies and advanced technologies, where regulators are endorsing automation our strategic partnership with ValGenesis is essential,” says Narendra Sharma, Lead Partner and CEO of Trinity Bridge. "Our combined strengths in consulting expertise and digital validation tools are crucial for companies aiming to capitalize on regulatory reforms and electronic platforms, ensuring they are at the forefront of innovation and operational excellence.” 


Trinity Bridge Professional Services ensures client success with a strong focus on on-time delivery and on-budget service, through seasoned professionals who have worked over decades in the life sciences industry. The company’s time-tested business development service portfolio enables its clients to reach their targets and realize their potential. The company offers transformation, digitization, and process maturity solutions through digital enablement, digital quality/compliance, enterprise risk management, regulatory, quality, and clinical lifecycle management. For more information visit:


ValGenesis, Inc. is the creator of an innovative software platform that serves as a foundation for managing compliance-based validation activities in life science companies. ValGenesis, Inc. is the provider of the first enterprise application that manages the corporate validation lifecycle process. This solution is fully compliant with U.S. FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11 requirements. As the first fully paperless solution for electronic management of validation execution and approval, ValGenesis was selected by an industry peer review committee to receive the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) New Innovative Technology Award in 2005. For more information, visit

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