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Technology Overview of ValGenesis VLMS Platform

ValGenesis’ established validation and compliance management platform has been continuously expanded and optimized by our development team over the span of more than a decade. As a result, it is capable of addressing the critical technology elements required to serve any life science enterprise.

Platform Technology Highlights

  • 100% browser-based system with zero footprint clients
  • Single instance to manage multiple sites through Multitenant design
  • Integrates with your LDAP or Active Directory
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) support
  • Offline (similar to “flight mode”) data entry in Mobile App
  • Automated emails, alert notifications, and escalations
  • Out-of-office delegation and task reassignment
  • Design your own review/approval workflow with serial, parallel, and combination routing
  • Web service and API integration
  • PDF generation with watermarking
  • Ad-Hoc Report Writer
  • ISO 9000: 2008 Certified development process

User Functionality Highlights

  • Decision tree driven system assessment
  • Define a validation framework and enforce required deliverables based on risk level and/or Master Validation Plan
  • Model validation process flows for specific validations
  • A web-based user interface allows design of simple and/or complex validation process models
  • Build reusable approval cycles that support simple and/or complex workflows, with support for queues and workload balancing
  • Multi-level approvals and task delivery notifications on multiple channels
  • Out-of-box connectors and adapters for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems with a certified connector for SAP
  • Validated connectors for Document Management systems and Microsoft SharePoint
  • Connectors for Automated Test Engines, with validated connectors for Microsoft VSTS (Coded UI) and TOSCA
  • Define organization-specific KPIs for measurable performance
  • Delineated exceptions and task alerts delivered to a designated inbox

Multi-site Functionality

Our VLMS supports multi-site functionality, making it possible to group all processes at the business unit or site level. VLMS provides users with several significant advantages.

  • Support all types of validation processes from a single validation management system 
  • Enjoy minimal infrastructure requirements
  • Deploy additional application servers (virtualized) for load balancing
  • Supports single backup and disaster recovery procedures
  • Avoid redundant validation when adding new sites
  • Enforce global standards for templates and procedures
  • Leverage validation data and content from other sites to reduce cycle time when creating requirements and protocols
  • Collaborate on validation projects from different geographical locations
  • Gain instant visibility of validation and project statuses across the entire organization

Multilingual Support

Our applications can provide clients with a global system that offers the option for other languages to be selected at the site level. Multilingual support such as this is a crucial component for any global organization.

Mobile App with Offline Mode

The ValGenesis VLMS’s mobile app provides users with the ability to download documents from the server and enables validation engineers, reviewers and approvers to perform critical activities even if they are not connected to the ValGenesis server. This offline functionality provides users with several distinct advantages:

  • Ability to electronically execute documents even when not connected to the network or internet
  • Users can download a document, disconnect from the network, run it electronically while disconnected, and then synchronize back with the server once a connection is re-established
  • Our users have the power to author content without a network or wireless connection
  • Authored and/or executed content can be reviewed, once downloaded, without the need for a live link to the ValGenesis server

Reach out to schedule a free, personal demo of the ValGenesis VLMS. We’ll show you our product in-depth and share our experience to identify the perfect solution for your organization.

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