Conducting periodic reviews on previously validated GxP systems, assets, and/or processes is a critical requirement in any validated environment. Systems and/or processes must be reviewed for changes—both physical and procedural—in order to verify that all is operating as expected. In a traditional environment, the management of periodic reviews has been achieved through the use of spreadsheets and other such paper-driven tools. In turn, this often leads to an overreliance upon a single user (or group of users) tasked with ensuring periodic reviews are being performed on time and documented accordingly. This reliance on human interaction translates into an increased possibility for errors as well as heightened levels of risk.

ValGenesis users can create periodic review schedules that automatically alert users/groups of any upcoming or delayed periodic review tasks. The chances of human errors are entirely removed from the process, and users are always aware (in real-time) of the status of any periodic review. Alert notifications are automatically sent to impacted users/groups via corporate email.



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