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Equipment Log Management

With ValGenesis, users have the power to electronically capture and route equipment cleaning, preparation and usage logs with verification through managed workflows. Authorized users can design equipment logs, forms, and labels according to approved protocol and procedures. Equipment logbooks are a regulatory requirement FDA 21 CFR 211.182.

Equipment Log Management

Paper-based equipment logbooks are inefficient and prone to compliance issues. Manually recording logbook entries requires that at least two people be physically present. A required signature, by two people, for every logbook entry reduces productivity and introduces the potential of human error.

Furthermore, reviewing historical logs requires manually sifting through binders and stacks of paper. In addition, finding these logs typically requires navigating through a labyrinth of filing cabinets. In short, paper-based equipment log management will not sustain a continuous monitoring process.


Advantages of ValGenesis VLMS:

Visibility of all logs, forms, and labels to authorized users 24/7/365, anywhere in the world

Logbooks secured electronically preventing loss or misplacement

Unlimited log, form, and label creation

Mobile devices including Android and iOS are supported

Real-time status and Log inventory that is comprehensive and accurate

Technical controls that enforce quality requirements and automatic notification through email

Disaster recovery and business continuity is assured by the fault tolerant, redundant, and fail-over infrastructure

Nudge feature to ensure tasks are not missed, or escalated if necessary; Logs are consistent, enduring, and readily available

Reporting and trending through ad-hoc reports

Supports continuous monitoring of production processes

ValGenesis Validation Lifecycle Management System Modules

Equipment Log Management is a fully integrated module for ValGenesis VLMS, the most complete digital validation system.

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