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Content Lifecycle Management

ValGenesis VLMS reduces content generation cycles while enforcing compliance, assuring consistency, data integrity, and auditable audit trails.

ValGenesis VLMS is a comprehensive SaaS-based tool to visualize and manage requirements, test cases, and audit trails across your validation processes.

Compatible with Word and Excel – Minimal training needed for those already familiar with MS Office

Audit Trails – fully compliant audit trails are maintained and readily available for review during an audit or inspection

Reusable Content Library – Use pre-approved validation elements (test cases, requirements, terms, definitions, etc.) for a specific purpose or across multiple documents sites or enterprise-wide. This drives down content authoring by over 50% while improving consistency

Efficient Template Creating and Management – Create templates from existing MS Word or Excel documents to save time and assure consistency. Template revision management guarantees users only access approved templates; legacy templates can be deactivated or terminated

Real-Time Track Changes – Reviewers can see changes by others delivering real-time collaboration. Review duplication and multiple version conflicts are eliminated

Protect Content – Protect templates, test cases or other content to reduce review and approval cycles while improving consistency

Collaborative Workflow – with collaborative workflow processes, key stakeholders can review and approve documents through serial, parallel, or hybrid routing, controlling who is authorized, the reason for signatures, with extensive tracking


ValGenesis Validation Lifecycle Management System Modules

Content Lifecycle Management is a fully integrated module for ValGenesis VLMS, the most complete digital validation system.

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White Paper

ValGenesis VLMS Compliance Assessment - USFDA Data Integrity Guidance

Event Presentation

Ensure Data Integrity by Design (DIbD) - The Right Data, Right from the Start


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