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Change Control and Management

The ValGenesis VLMS integrates change management and validation with a closed-loop change management process. The Change Management module adheres to regulatory requirements and supports industry standards and guidance.

The ValGenesis VLMS tracks changes electronically, identifying validation impact across the lifecycle, automatically in real-time utilizing a patented digital process.



Benefits, functions and features:

Supports both requirement and system level changes

Reduce change process effort and cycle time by up to 80%

Compliant, Configurable and flexible

Augment existing change control systems, processes and efficiently manage all changes

Review and approval process automation with configurable workflows

Comprehensive, integrated, closed-loop change control process

Track validation change impact automatically

Status flags and indicators intuitively identify change impact across the lifecycle

Real-time status tracking

Audit trail that is compliant, readily accessible, tracking chronology of each change

Change Control Validation Summary (CCVS) can be dynamically generated


ValGenesis Validation Lifecycle Management System Modules

Change Control and Management is a fully integrated module for ValGenesis VLMS, the most complete digital validation system.

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White Paper

ValGenesis VLMS Compliance Assessment - PIC/S Data Integrity Guidance

Event Presentation

Apply Quality by Design (QbD) for all Validation Types - QbD for All


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