ValGenesis Sets New Standard for Tablet-Based Validation Execution

SAN FRANCISCO, April 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/

ValGenesis, Inc., a leading provider of Validation Lifecycle Management System (VLMS) software solutions, today announced the availability of a mobile app for tablets with ValGenesis VLMS for iOS, Android and Microsoft tablets. ValGenesis VLMS’s mobile app takes paperless validation to a new level of execution and touch-based interactivity, enabling validation SMEs to execute test cases on the production floor without worrying about network connectivity or carrying a paper-based protocol or a bulky laptop. 

ValGenesis mobile app for VLMS supports native device functionalities to capture snapshots at the test step level to provide documented evidence such as photo through webcam or video recording. Capturing a snapshot of evidence and dynamically attaching at the test step level with timestamp and user ID by the system, free of human errors, elevates paperless validation to new heights. In addition, in pharmaceutical manufacturing clean rooms, internet/Wi-Fi or network access is often not available. In these situations, ValGenesis VLMS users can utilize tablets to execute documents without the immediate need for an internet connection. As soon as the user exits the clean room and connects to internet or online network, all activities performed while offline will be automatically synchronized with the VLMS cloud application. This ensures consistency and accuracy while facilitating a seamless transfer of data and documentation. 

ValGenesis mobile app for VLMS supports the following functionalities:

  • Dashboard  — Real time validations status of any GxP asset across the organization and validation metrics
  • Validation Execution — Validation SMEs can execute test cases and test steps anywhere using tablets with the relevant Part 11 compliance controls
  • Advanced Visualization — Users have the ability to view validation data and information in charts, graphs and reports
  • Logbook Entry Capture – Users can scan the QR code to open the equipment specific log forms to capture cleaning, usage, maintenance, calibration and other forms of data, along with evidence likes photos and videos.
  • Security — Comprehensive access controls only allow ValGenesis VLMS users to see what they are authorized to view in the mobile app 

“ValGenesis VLMS has been trusted by a number of global life science companies for paperless validation and is committed to continual improvement. In collaboration with our current clients, ValGenesis continues to build its leadership position. Our Validation Lifecycle Management System is increasingly being recognized as the de facto standard for supporting a paperless Validation Lifecycle process. With the increased use of tablets and the need to continue working even when the connectivity is not available, we immediately realized the benefits of offering a mobile app for ValGenesis VLMS to support use of tablets for validation activities,” said Dr. Siva Samy, CEO & Chief Product Strategist of ValGenesis, Inc.