ValGenesis Establishes New Subsidiary ValGenesis Canada Inc., Toronto

SAN FRANCISCO, October 1, 2019

ValGenesis, Inc., the market leader in Enterprise Validation Lifecycle Management Solutions, today announced the opening of its new subsidiary in Ontario, Canada, as part of its global expansion plan to provide local support to a growing customer base in the region. The new subsidiary located in the heart of this major Life Sciences Hub, allows ValGenesis to work closely with its North American customer ecosystems, providing them with best-in-class digital validation lifecycle management solutions and delivery.

ValGenesis’s Validation Lifecycle Management System (VLMS) is a proven and effective tool for managing all types of validation activities such as equipment, instruments, computer systems, cleaning, analytical methods, and process validation as 100% paperless. VLMS covers the entire validation lifecycle process thereby delivering technology solutions that are validated, fully configurable and rapidly deployable through a validated private secured cloud environment. In short, VLMS enables new levels of collaboration, data integrity, risk management and compliance, giving it a pronounced edge over other validation tools in the life science sector.

In the past year alone, ValGenesis has aggressively expanded its presence globally, successfully forging partnerships with several life science companies, helping them migrate from manual paper-based validation processes to 100% paperless validation. ValGenesis has had steep year on year growth, and in the past year alone, increased in size by over fifty percent in employee count. ValGenesis is expected to grow even faster through 2019-2020. The new subsidiary in Canada will further accelerate and support this growth by providing a strategic vantage point for engagement with the region’s largest pharmaceutical and life science companies.

"The trend in the life science sector is toward being more open, collaborative, secure, and automated whilst being compliant and ensuring the highest level of data integrity. ValGenesis’s VLMS is just the right solution that a life science company needs to achieve this,” says Narayan Raj, Senior Vice President of Sales & Operations. “By creating a collaborative ecosystem through a highly skilled workforce and partners in this region, ValGenesis is poised to advance its Canadian clients in to the realm of digitized validation.”

"Clients are able to quickly see the value that ValGenesis brings to the table, always a step ahead, helping them prepare their validation and qualification approach for the future. Our strengthened local presence in this market will enable our customers to embrace a new digital approach to all types of validation processes” says Robert van der Laan, Vice President of Professional Services.

“Toronto’s reputation as a research and development hub for life sciences is one of the many reasons we established our presence here,” says Dr. Siva Samy, CEO & Chief Product Strategist of ValGenesis. “We are rapidly innovating to keep pace with the future through AI and IoT enabled digital validation lifecycle management solutions for clients in this region and across the globe. Through our presence here, we are positioned to facilitate continued excellence in validation software solutions for our Canadian clients.”