World’s 6th-largest Independent Biotech Company Chooses ValGenesis VLMS

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ 

ValGenesis, Inc., the market leader in Enterprise Validation Lifecycle Management Solutions (VLMS), today announced that the world’s sixth-largest independent biotech company has chosen ValGenesis’s 100% paperless Validation Lifecycle Management System to manage its corporate validation lifecycle process.

With a 125-year legacy in clinical trials and life-saving treatments, this highly focused research-driven biopharmaceutical company believes in doing more than just treating diseases. Its workforce consists of scientists, researchers, communicators, manufacturing specialists and regulatory experts based in 170 countries across the globe, all working together to develop new approaches in immunology, oncology, neuroscience, virology and general medicine. Their products and services seek to provide treatments for a wide range of serious health issues, from life-threatening illnesses to chronic conditions.

Recognizing that traditional, manual, paper-based validation processes are costly and inefficient, the company selected ValGenesis Enterprise VLMS—an electronic, paperless, cloud-based SaaS solution that well meets its lifecycle validation needs. With ValGenesis Enterprise VLMS, the company will significantly reduce validation cycle time, gain a higher standard of data integrity, improve its regulatory compliance process, and gain a holistic view of real-time validation status across its regulated systems, thereby improving the quality and speed of the entire validation process.

After the initial equipment validation rollout of the ValGenesis solution, the company also plans to extend the use of the ValGenesis tool for their global commissioning and qualification needs.

“This is another big win for ValGenesis, in that the sixth-largest biotechnology company is using our cloud-based software platform to manage their validation requirements across the organization,” says Narayan Raj, Vice President of ValGenesis Inc., “ValGenesis continues to invest in developing the industry’s best solutions in terms of electronic lifecycle validation. This is especially evident when global life science companies turn to ValGenesis to meet their validation needs.”