Leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Selects ValGenesis VLMS for CSV

San Francisco, January 17, 2023: ValGenesis, Inc., the market leader in enterprise Validation Lifecycle Management Systems (VLMS), today announced that a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer selected ValGenesis VLMS to digitize multiple validation processes across the organization after a rigorous audit of possible solutions.

The company has a distribution network across 50 countries, supplying more than 1,400 top quality products to pharmaceutical wholesalers, hospitals, and pharmacists. It produces more than 5 billion dosage units of drugs each year.

The company is transitioning from a labor-intensive, inefficient, paper-based validation process to ValGenesis VLMS, a 100% digital validation tool, for computer system validation (CSV) and multiple other use cases. They recognized the unparalleled functionality and scalability of ValGenesis VLMS as the best tool to help them plan, define, and manage all validation operations, ensuring the correct amount of validation is applied to every system and asset. ValGenesis VLMS will define and set global validation standards and best practices across the organization, while streamlining validation processes to adhere to the most rigorous data integrity and regulatory standards.

ValGenesis is the market leader in enterprise validation lifecycle management systems, helping the world’s leading life sciences companies enforce compliance and enable standardization with 100% digital, risk-based validation software. This approach enables companies to sustain a completely paperless approach to validation execution.

“This is a very crucial time for the life sciences industry,” says Steve Reynolds, Chief Revenue Officer at ValGenesis. “Companies are realizing the immense value of digitizing validation to adhere to increasingly rigorous global regulatory requirements. In a market of many products, they must pick the right one that truly empowers them on their Pharma 4.0 journey and delivers on promises. We are happy that more and more clients are choosing ValGenesis VLMS as the de-facto standard and experiencing the power of digital validation at its best.”