Global Top 5 life science organization selects ValGenesis VLMS

San Francisco, November 17, 2020: ValGenesis, Inc., a market leader in Enterprise Validation Lifecycle Management Systems (VLMS), today announced that a global Top 5 life science organization has chosen ValGenesis VLMS to digitize and standardize validation processes across its global sites. The organization is one of the largest in the world based on prescription drug sales, and harnesses innovative science and digital technologies in research and development to create transformative treatments. Cloud-based ValGenesis VLMS will enable the digitization of their validation programs and assimilate their digitalization journey in the spirit of Pharma 4.0.

ValGenesis VLMS together with several other digital validation products went through a rigorous hands-on evaluation by the client who finally selected ValGenesis VLMS for its depth of functionality and ability to meet all the company’s business needs. ValGenesis will manage the validation of the company’s Labs with initial deployment across two sites. Upon successful rollout, the company plans to extend the use of ValGenesis VLMS to all its Labs and manufacturing plants across the globe.

ValGenesis VLMS is a comprehensive digital validation system that enables a single source of truth, thereby ensuring data integrity and adherence to the most stringent regulatory requirements. The system is configurable and scalable to facilitate implementation at a single site and expansion across multiple sites in the future. ValGenesis VLMS provides faster access to the most detailed metrics, enabling the organization to improve visibility and enforce consistency across its validation processes while reducing cycle time and cost.

“This is a huge win for ValGenesis. As the emphasis on real-world evidence increases, the weight placed on the assurance of data integrity and process also increases. ValGenesis VLMS is empowering this iconic company through process consistency, maximized system efficiency, standardization, and reduced validation cycle time. Augmenting their validation processes to next-generation automation-driven, high-quality processes will enable easy compliance and generate significant efficiencies. We are excited to serve their needs today and look forward to supporting their broadening use of ValGenesis VLMS across their enterprise,” says Narayan Raj, Sr. Vice President of Global Sales & Operations at ValGenesis, Inc.