Global Biopharmaceutical Company Chooses ValGenesis VLMS

San Francisco, December 17, 2019

ValGenesis, Inc., a market leader in Enterprise Validation Lifecycle Management Solutions (VLMS), today announced that a global biopharmaceutical company has chosen ValGenesis’s 100% paperless VLMS to manage its corporate validation lifecycle process across multiple sites.

A premier biopharmaceutical company, this client provides high quality, life-saving and affordable biotherapeutics to patients across the world. The company evolved from manufacturing pharmaceuticals like statins and immunosuppressants, to discovering, developing and producing biologics in chronic therapies such as diabetes, oncology and immunology for global markets.

The company’s manual, paper-based system was proving costly, inefficient and challenging in terms of making proactive process improvements. Islands of data made its audit process across multiple sites difficult and error prone. The company began evaluating multiple digital validation offerings on the market a year ago, but never really found that single, end-to-end solution to manage the entire validation lifecycle process – until it experienced the ValGenesis VLMS. Today, in addition to the scope of automating and managing this company’s EQ, CSV, cleaning and process validation lifecycle processes, ValGenesis will enable a robust prediction and intelligence forecasting mechanisms through the VLMS.

“We are excited at the immense possibilities for growth in this partnership. With the VLMS, a company has the unique opportunity to examine and rectify its validation processes and maximize effectiveness and compliance. Being scalable and configurable, the VLMS helps quality leaders monitor the validation status of any instrument, equipment, software system or process remotely and in real time, across multiple sites. Choosing ValGenesis will further accelerate this iconic company’s organization-wide digital transformation journey that it embarked on to face new millennium business challenges and opportunities,” says Narayan Raj, Sr. Vice President of Global Sales & Operations at ValGenesis, Inc.