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Sofia Santos

Module Lead - Engineering

Meet Sofia

Sofia Santos is a highly skilled Biological Engineer with a Master's Degree from the University of Lisbon. Her career began in 2015 at 4Tune Engineering (4TE), where she quickly established herself as a valuable member of the team. Sofia currently holds the position of Senior Data Scientist in the MSAT and Data Science division, where she has gained extensive experience in the Pharma and Biopharma industries. 

Sofia's areas of expertise include process monitoring, modeling, and optimization. She has worked on several projects for the implementation of PAT throughout the entire product lifecycle, from calibration to routine utilization and support for regulatory submissions. Sofia is deeply involved in the development and design of solutions for 4TE proprietary software, which focuses on the aggregation and analysis of data and risks to facilitate fully integrated knowledge management and data-driven decision-making. 

Throughout her career, Sofia has demonstrated a strong commitment to utilizing her expertise to drive innovation and progress in the biopharma and pharma industries, avidly dedicating herself to developing effective solutions for process supervision, modeling, optimization, and regulatory compliance.