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Randy George

Director of Sales

Meet Randy

Randy George currently serves as the West Coast Sales / Account Director for ValGenesis, which he has held since February 2018. He enjoys working in an industry that benefits the life and wellbeing of others!

 His experience in the life science industry began in 2007, working in various sales and business development roles, offering products, capital equipment, automation, quality management software, and services. When Randy became involved in life sciences, he immediately joined industry associations like ISPE, Device Alliance, PDA, and others to network and become familiar with the industry and the local community. As a past member of the SoCal PDA and ISPE Board of Directors, and SoCal PDA Chapter President, Randy credits much of his success with getting involved in industry associations allowing him to make a successful career transition into the life science industry.

 Randy earned a degree in Public Justice from SUNY at Oswego with minors in Sociology, Psychology, and Social Work. Randy moved to California not only for the sun and palm trees but with aspirations to get involved in law enforcement, become a “CHP” and a lawyer. Although his career took a different path, he spent many years with the Los Angeles Police Department as a reserve police officer. He also worked in the wine industry and was previously involved with Gulleyan Winery, Paso Robles, California.

 Before his involvement in life sciences, Randy had experience in various management positions, including sales and business development, and led the building of a videotape duplication factory from green fields. His background includes consumer product manufacturing, packaging, capital equipment, automation, quality assurance, and quality control. Benefiting from extensive management and sales training throughout his career, including Slander Selling Techniques, Randy has spent many years working with start-ups and European companies developing new markets and sales opportunities in the US.

 Currently, Randy is a board member with OCRA (Orange County Regulatory Affairs) organization and working with them to expand their presence worldwide and a member of Kenx and IVT Network. He is an avid craftsman, creative builder, outdoorsman, biker, hiker, distillery helper, grandfather, and volunteer. Growing up in central New York, Randy is a fan of the “New York Yankees,” Syracuse “Orangemen,” and a forever member of the “Buffalo Bills Mafia” and has a tenacious personality still rooting for a Super Bowl win. His favorite hikes are Mt. Whitney and Mt. Hood, movies are Platoon, Gladiator, and Deer Hunter, color is “midnight blue,” and he supports the “Seven Habits of Highly Successful People.” Being a New Yorker, Randy enjoys the change of seasons and spends time between California, New York, Pennsylvania, and Oregon.              

Since no sales event is black and white, Randy will work for a win-win opportunity and try to convert you into a Buffalo Bills backer!

 Please feel free to contact Randy at:

 E - P - 949-632-1802

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