Senior Consultant

Margarida Ventura

Margarida Ventura
Margarida Ventura is a seasoned Quality Risk Management (QRM) professional with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical sectors. Currently serving as the Quality Risk Management Senior Consultant at ValGenesis, Margarida brings over five years of dedicated expertise to her role.

Throughout her tenure, Margarida has implemented QRM strategies across numerous pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies worldwide, spanning regions such as the US, Brazil, and Europe. Her unique skillset has ensured the successful integration of risk management approaches, optimizing operational efficiencies and ensuring regulatory compliance for ValGenesis clients.

In addition to her hands-on involvement in QRM implementation, Margarida plays a key role in supporting the development and implementation of ValGenesis iRisk. Her understanding of industry best practices combined with her proficiency in this digital solution contribute to the continuous enhancement of ValGenesis's offerings, enabling our customers to navigate complex regulatory landscapes with confidence.

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