Once ValGenesis has been implemented at a client’s site, the ValGenesis support staff will provide technical support for the life of the application. ValGenesis provides live technical support, via phone and/or Web meeting and/or e-mail, depending on SLA (Service Level Agreement). ValGenesis’ support team is comprised of network and application experts that troubleshoot all application issues.

ValGenesis provides two tiers of support. ValGenesis support team follows the well-defined troubleshooting methodology in an attempt to solve the issue. Any issue that cannot be resolved by the tier-1 support team will be forwarded to the tier-2 support team. Tier-2 support team will analyze the problem and if necessary, visit the client’s site to rectify the issue. The ValGenesis support team is dedicated to providing clients with quality solutions in an expeditious manner.

Live Phone Support: 1-888-825-4363.

Email Support: