Retirement and Decommissioning Process

The retirement and decommissioning process is the last stage in application or product life cycle management. Many different factors can trigger this event such as technological advancement, business needs and acquisitions/mergers while the underlying business process can become obsolete, etc. In regulated life science companies, the retirement and decommissioning process should be planned and documented. Associated records need to be retained as per the approved validation plan and procedures. The record retention requirements can vary depending on the type of records. Retirement of GxP assets and computer systems should be planned carefully so that there is no disruption to business users and they are smoothly migrated to a new system.

ValGenesis helps organizations plan and execute the retirement process through the required approval process. The retirement schedule will be created and approved within the system. The schedule can be created with record retention periods and associated user groups  alerted for the planned retirement schedule and required activities.

  • ValGenesis system allows users to create retirement schedules for the GxP assets and associated records.
  • Different schedules can be created based on the type of asset and associated records. Records can have separate retention periods.
  • The retirement schedule can be reviewed and approved.
  • Once the documents are retired, the associated documents are retained in the system until the scheduled record retention period is attained.
  • Retirement data and documents are available for audits with real-time status.
  • Approved Validation procedures and policies for the retirement and decommissioning process can be enforced through the ValGenesis system.