Validation is an important process and can have pitfalls that can slow the process significantly.

Date: November 20, 2019

Time: 11:00 AM EST

Our expert, Chinmoy Roy will show you how to avoid these pitfalls and streamline processes.

Why you should attend

Validation is always a project bottleneck since it is at the tail end of a project lifecycle. After the project’s budget and schedule have been consumed in upstream lifecycle activities, it is management’s expectation that the validation team complete the validation within the remaining budget and schedule. This causes a “hurry syndrome”, and the validation team is exposed to errors and omissions which often times lead to rework and increases the propensity for data integrity issues to arise.

This webinar is designed to familiarize you with the pitfalls in validation. Awareness of the pitfalls will help you to proactively establish your validation approach and strategy and to familiarize your project team members with the dependency of validation’s success on their activities that occur upstream of the project lifecycle. Since validation is primarily a process-centric activity, the benefits derived from automating certain critical activities such as testing, trace matrix development, regression testing etc. using a Paperless Validation tool shall also be highlighted.

  • You will learn aboutUnderstanding the Concept of Validation
  • How to define CSV Governance and Management
  • Creating an effective Supplier Management program
  • How to have the proper Risk Assessment in place
  • What are the Data Integrity Pitfalls

…attend our webinar to learn more!

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