Requirements Management

Managing requirements and system specifications during the lifecycle is very challenging and a time consuming task. During the lifecycle, requirements need to be updated, modified, deleted or added as a result of changes to the systems and processes Managing changes to requirements poses a significant challenge and compliance risk even when tracked through a change control process. These difficulties are incremented when managing traceability matrices during the lifecycle where linking individual requirements to test functions and verifying that the appropriate level of testing is completed, is a time consuming and labor intensive task.

ValGenesis provides users with the ability to modify, add or delete requirements and route any changes through an approval process. Once a requirement has been modified, the system will automatically update the status of the traceability matrix to ensure that changes to requirements are tested. Each requirement change is automatically version controlled. Through the use of the Change Management functionality within ValGenesis, the complete requirement change management process is managed as a closed loop process with validation.


  • A centralized requirements management process allows SMEs to author the requirements collaboratively, keep all stakeholders informed of new requirements across the site and/or organization and help them participate in the review and approval process.
  • In ValGenesis, requirements are treated as living objects. Individual requirements can be added, modified and deleted.
  • Conduct risk assessment at the requirement level. Risk level will be dynamically updated based on the changes to the risk factors.
  • Changes to individual requirements can be approved through a controlled workflow.
  • Tracks the changes to requirements with versions maintained for each change. Reports are available to compare requirement changes on a version by version basis.
  • Provides visibility for the testing coverage at the requirement level.
  • Dynamically generates an impact summary report for any change to a specific requirement by summarizing the cascading effects on other requirements and test cases.
  • Impact analysis reports provide full visibility to items related to requirements and help to understand the impact of the change to the requirement before it is made. ValGenesis system allows users to perform an impact analysis to view the related items to the selected requirement, assess the risk of making changes and identify the items that need to be reviewed based on the changes.
  • Re-use the approved existing requirements across the site/organization, simplifying the process of decomposing functional requests from product requirements to system specifications and beyond