Rapid Implementation

ValGenesis rapid implementation methodology is designed to deliver an enterprise validation lifecycle management solution in a shorter period of time, with well-defined deliverables. Combining industry-standard System Development Lifecycle (SDLC) practices with the Rapid Implementation approach enables ValGenesis to deliver solutions tailored to a company’s unique validation, quality, compliance and regulatory requirements.

ValGenesis’ Rapid Implementation approach is comprised of seven main phases, tailored individually to meet the specific implementation and resource needs of a company with defined deliverables. These phases ensure that each part of the project is given the appropriate level of attention, which guarantees a successful implementation, on time and within budget. ValGenesis’ methodology optimizes resources and streamlines the ValGenesis implementation process.


Gather and Analyze Configuration Requirements

In this phase, the ValGenesis team will analyze current validation and quality processes and associated challenges. The ValGenesis team will provide a comprehensive template to gather configuration requirements, based on the current process. The ValGenesis team will work with stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) at client sites to illustrate the value-added functionality and built-in best practices that ValGenesis delivers to standardize and harmonize the corporate validation process.

This phase maps client specific process-flow against product features, functions, and capabilities. The output from this phase helps define the specific business processes that will be implemented to address business and operational goals outlined by the customer’s requirements.
Deliverables: Approved configuration requirements document.

Configuration of the System

This phase delivers a configured ValGenesis system, based on the approved configuration requirements document. During this stage, data migration will be planned from the existing manual or legacy system.
The ValGenesis team will execute rigorous end-to-end functional testing to ensure that the configured system performs consistently and meets all configuration requirements. The testing includes documenting configuration testing against client approved configuration requirements.
Deliverables:Configured and tested ValGenesis software system, based on client specific configuration

Conference Room Pilot and Readiness Assessment

The configured ValGenesis system, based on the approved client requirements, will be installed on the client’s pilot or ValGenesis’ hosted environment. The ValGenesis team will assist clients by creating and reviewing the system at the conference room pilot level. This plan must be representative of the production process, so that all functions can be tested. This phase helps to maximize the effectiveness of the implementation by providing an in-depth analysis of the project status and readiness to implement.

A readiness assessment is a review of the project objectives and goals. This will determine if objectives have been met and what the overall project status is, in relation to the ability to go to production with the application. ValGenesis Professional Services has developed a functional audit form based on the approved requirements allowing the client and ValGenesis teams to use this form to determine the project status.


ValGenesis offers a full range of flexible training programs that can be tailored to fit client’s needs. Training is available both on-site and via online training sessions.


Customers can request on-site training any time they have sufficient participants to make it an economical option. This is very effective when a group needs to be trained at the same time.

Online Training

ValGenesis trainers will train clients over the web. This can be very effective if users are scattered across different locations.

Go Live

ValGenesis will help launch the ValGenesis system – on time and within budget – and seamlessly transition clients to our solutions support team. The final phase delivers a smooth transition and cut-over to the newly configured solution.