ValGenesis products are ideally suited for contract development and manufacturing organizations(CDMO). Many CMOs have multiple facilities and employees in different locations maintaining separate quality systems with paper-based or hybrid systems posing challenges and risk of regulatory deviations. Furthermore, paper-based systems are inefficient, requiring a tremendous amount of time and effort to manage and complete validation activities. Lack of integration can create islands of information that do not provide a holistic view of the validated state of systems. Integrated quality systems, together with validation processes, expedite critical compliance tasks, and provide a complete history and traceability of a system’s validated state.

ValGenesis completely replaces inefficient paper-based validation processes with a 100% paperless, electronic system. ValGenesis can provide tangible results in validation management, helping companies save up to 50% in both time and monetary costs across the validation process. Our unique technology manages the entire validation process from end to end, dynamically tracking validation status in real-time, streamlining processes, improving communication between stakeholders, and ensuring/enforcing compliance and consistency throughout the corporate validation process.