Change control management
The Change Management module offers our clients a number of useful functions and features:

  • Change Control module is designed to comply with all industry standards.
  • A high degree of flexibility in terms of allowing users to define one-to-many change requests, allowing it to match with existing change control procedures.
  • Users can create and manage any change request process efficiently.
  • Configurable process maps are available to determine how change requests should be handled once reviewed by the change review board.
  • Provides an integrated change control process, allowing users to track impacted validation deliverables associated with a change.
  • By linking impacted validation deliverables to change requests, we provide users with a simplified mechanism to observe how changes impact validation/controlled documents and track the status of those documents in real time.
  • A comprehensive audit trail for each change request, allowing users involved to view the complete genealogy of the change management process.
  • Supports requirement level change management and provides impact assessment with other related requirements and test cases through comprehensive trace matrices.
  • Dynamically generates unified Change Control Validation Summary (CCVS) by combining all the impacted and updated artifacts. Pre approval, execution, and approval of the CCVS mitigates all impacts associated with the change request.
  • Reduces effort and cycle time of the change request management process by as much as 80%.



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